Liyana van Wyk

Digital Marketing Director
I’m Liyana van Wyk and I am the digital marketing director at The Ambitions Agency, where I lead digital marketing strategies for clients of our organisation. In addition to this I help in guiding our companies’ initiatives, service offerings, and the organizations online presence.

My career started in finance and operations, where I found my true passion to be Marketing. Since ‘2007 I have been involved in all aspects of Marketing ensuring the foundation and digital footprint of all brands I am involved with is correct.

I have worked in the marketing industry for 15+ years in a variety of sectors such as banking, tourism, telecommunications, health, fitness, law and financial, in both public and private sectors. With both corporate and SME clients.

I am passionate about helping clients grow their brands and sharing my knowledge to empower my clients not only to grow their brands but their understanding of what we do and how we can assist them. Since joining Ambitions it’s been an amazing mix of professionals that have brought my so many projects to life with their inspirational talents!

When I am not working, I am mostly studying. But in my free time I love spending time with my kids at the beach. We are a family who love nutrition, to cook, to test new things. To always learn, grow and just have fun. Simply happy!

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