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Investing in your team and yourself is a great way to lock in success and avoid dependency on outside suppliers. Offering personal and professional growth will make your company an attractive place to work and engage the team fully in your goals.
A business leader who has a clear plan for sales and marketing and enough knowledge to drive them confidently forward is going to achieve far more.

One-to-one or small group coaching is offered in the following areas:

Business Leadership

Aimed at delivering an actionable marketing plan (one-to-one or small group).

Marketing Leadership

This programme will give you all the skills needed to successfully drive and implement digital marketing in today’s ever-changing digital landscape (one-to-one or small group).

Full team inbound content coaching

Using the TAYA framework, this coaching builds an entire company culture around a unified sales and marketing team ( revenue team) and is proven to deliver business growth measured in 4X and 6X multiples.

Group skills training is offered in the following areas:

Google Adwords

Google SEO

PPC Advertising




Our Business Leadership coaching programme delivers plans and actions for the business.

Our SME business leader programme is a collaborative process in which we work with the team to build a complete picture of the sales funnel of the business. It is a step-by-step process which delivers against your company goals.
  • Understand and codify your brand into a written document to make future decisions easy.
  • Unify your sales and marketing operations into one smooth team - we call this the Revenue Team because without this, there is unlikely to be any revenue growth.
  • Clarify your sales funnel and ensure that the correct content, processes and behaviours are in palace at each stage.
  • Focus on website as the heart of the sales funnel to ensure that it has the right user journeys in place, the correct content flow and all technical aspects are correct.
  • Coach sales people in order to make sure that the sales process becomes highly efficient and uses video, assignment selling and tools such as Hubspot to maximum effect.

How much does Business Leadership
coaching cost?

Coaching is based around a simple formula of face-to face coaching which sets the tasks required to be delivered for the next session. They are deliberately demanding in order to create the pace of activity required to hit your goals.

Outside each session you will be moving things forward and we will be working to support progress on any issues that require a more specialist intervention.


Mastery within 24 months
Included in this package:
  • 1 face to face session per month
  • Supporting literature


Per month for 24 months

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Mastery within 18 months
Included in this package:
  • 2 face to face sessions per month
  • Supporting literature


Per month for 18 months


Mastery within 12 months
Included in this package:
  • 4 face to face sessions per month
  • Supporting literature


Per month for 12 months
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Digital marketing training for sales and marketing department leaders

We often find that marketing heads or business owners find it hard to manage digital marketing because they lack understanding of the concepts and detail of what is involved. Coaching here is designed to address this and give them the confidence to ask difficult questions and set the
right goals.

These programmes are built around specific need so please contact us to find out if a programme would suit you and how much investment is involved.

Digital skills group training

Our group training usually runs in the first week of each month and covers various aspects of Google SEO and Wordpress website development. Each day covers a different area so you can select those most appropriate.
  • Google Adwords
  • Google SEO
  • PPC Advertising
  • Wordpress

How much does digital training cost?

Each delegate costs £600 for the full week’s training.
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Inbound content coaching

As the UK’s only certified partner for ‘They Ask, You Answer’ we offer coaching for entire business teams in this uniquely powerful inbound content framework. Adopting this business culture is proven to drive phenomenal results in terms of site visitors, conversion rates and sales.

Another valuable benefit is that it unifies sales and marketing departments into one team which solves a common business challenge.

Finally it offers some incredible new tools to make sales people happy with increased conversion and decreased time wasted.
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