How much does a website cost ?

The best way to get a precise cost for your website is to complete a pre-planning process with us. Thai will not only show you your investment but also give a clear picture of the pages, menu structure and allow you to start your content production - the words and pictures that will make up your website.

Key factors that affect website design cost

Number of pages

You may wish to check your current pages - it is often more than you think and free checker such this will give you the current page count


Integrations with existing systems such as CRM, stock management or booking system will add to the time and complexity of the project.

Design Skill Level

A highly experienced web designer is a well-paid role because these people make the difference between a site that visitors leave immediately and a site that people are immediately attracted to and want to stay on. The world’s best designers gather at the D&AD awards - you can see some wonderful design and get inspired here:

Agency Skill Level

A sole freelancer will be less expensive than an agency. A sole freelancer cannot have the range of skills that you get with a full agency team which will include: user experience specialist , designers, artworkers, , digital marketing experts and a range of programmers and developers. One of the best in the world is If you can afford them, use them !

Content Required

If you are planning a total revamp then you’ll want to plan in for a new copy ( words) deck for the website and new imagery - photography, illustration or a mix of both. We offer copywriting services but not photography so you’ll want to budget for this.

Understand Types of Website design company - from cheap to expensive

Freelancer websites - £500 - £2000

Websites such as 99 Designs, Fiverr offer a really good service for small or start-up companies. You will meet a freelance web builder/designer who can offer good value. No one person can cover too many bases though so find out if they are more technical or more design focused. Again, these freelancers are not appropriate for a scale UK business seeking professional website build.

Technical agencies £2000 +

Small agencies often have a strong technical background and can create designs using templates. This approach has its place but sometimes can be limited by the template so be sure to find out what is possible first.

Full service design and build agencies £4500 - £4.5m

A full service agency will have a group of experienced professionals who will work as a team on your project. For SMEs in the UK wanting a business website this is the place to start looking.

At The Ambitions Agency we would have a website planner guide the project and they would work with a brand planner and a content specialist to keep your messaging on track.

Once the project was planned and written they would then work with design and artwork to create exciting design concepts. Once approved by you, these concepts would be turned into a website by the developers who not only build but also test and secure the site. Agencies in this group offer a dedicated team and great communications. You’ll be much more involved with the site build and have much more chance to be heard and to direct events.
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