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Exactly What to say

Sometimes you read a book and you absolutely need to share it, right? Well, ‘Exactly What To Say, The Magic Words for Influence and Impact’ by Phil M Jones is just such a book for me.

Let’s be clear up front that I’m not a pushy salesman and you’re probably not a pushy salesman so useful as this would be for such a person that’s not why I love it so much.  What I look for in a book is simple, actionable, useful information to make my life better from the minute I put it down and this book delivers exactly that.

A short book is a good book

You can get through the audiobook in about an hour which is pretty cool.  I actually consumed it in both audio and paper  – the paper is a useful reference for when you’re planning a conversation with brings me to the first main learning:

The best time to plan what to say is not when you’re about to say it

This might sound obvious but for important business conversations a little pre-planning and thought can go a long way and I must admit it’s not something I did too much of previously this book has completely changed my mind.

Why do I love this book so much?

This book simply taught me 27 great words or phrases that I can use to give myself what the author would call a ‘fair advantage’ in any conversation.  So rather than the old thing of thinking half an hour after a conversation what I should have said, I now say it in the moment and hopefully I am more powerful and more persuasive. I love anything that helps me communicate better.

I think the best way to illustrate this is just to share one of the words that I have been using recently – ‘The good news is…’

As Phil M Jones says in the book: ‘Now is the time for us to talk about how you can turn around all that negative energy, the negative energy that comes from others in your team, others who you are prospecting or perhaps just other people in your life.’

He later adds
 ‘The moment you apply a label to something it becomes almost impossible for the other person in a conversation to shed that label so using the magic words “the good news is” as a preface to your chosen point ensures that the recipient has to accept the label you’ve attached to it.’

In our business we meet a lot of potential clients who are confused and anxious and not sure which way to turn and I now say to them:  ‘Look the good news is that we’ve met dozens of people who are in exactly the same situation when they started as you are now and they’ve gone on to be really successful and we’re here to support you too’

It’s no different in sentiment to what I have always said but it is so much more reassuring. I love this book!

Exactly What to Say, The Magic Words of Influence and Power – complete cheat sheet.

I created the list below for myself which of course really works for me because I’ve read the book but I’m not sure that you’ll get the full value from the list alone. In any case, just so you know, the bold words are taken from the book and my examples underneath are in italics just to see how you might apply each word or phrase.

Overall note: a simple, positive uplifting answer is always better than getting sucked into gritty details. ‘How does all this stuff actually work?  ‘It works great … Now, about your issue…’

I’m not sure if it’s for you but…
We operate on a monthly contract designed to deliver results 

How open minded are you…
To see how your own content could pull in leads 24/7 without paid ads?

What do you know about…
What do you know about the way in which the digital buyer has changed over the last few years (and is still changing?)

How would you feel if …
The competition really got a content foothold in your sector 

Just imagine…
The results for your business if your leads triple 

When would be a good time…
For you to take a proper look at this?

I’m guessing you haven’t got around to…
Looking at this properly

Simple swaps

Do you have any questions for me?…
(Not: ‘Do you have any questions?)

What’s the best number to contact you on?…
(Not ‘Can I have your phone number?’)

As I see it, you have three options…
(Not: ‘We have three choices’)

What’s going to be easier for you ?…
(Not: ‘Do you want x or y?’)

There are two types of people…
Those who judge something before they’ve even tried it and those who are open minded  

I bet you’re a bit like me… 
…a busy person who is always juggling to get everything done..

If you do implement this properly, I can promise you that the results for your business will be incredible

Don’t worry…
I’ve been where you are and I know it feels impossible but that’s why we developed this package…

Most people…
Jump in at level 1 and then after a few months, once they see results, they dial it up

The good news is…

What happens next…
…is that once we have the questionnaire complete , we’ll structure a program to suit your precise needs and then we can get started.

What makes you say that?
‘I don’t have enough money to do this right now?’ What makes you say that?

Before you make up your mind…
…why don’t we run through the details again and you can let me know any areas where you can’t see the benefit.

If I can, will you…
If I can match that price today will you commit to getting started?

Will a monthly allowance of 10 hours be enough for you?

Just one more thing…
I wonder if you could read the article on XX and let me know what it makes you think?

A favour… (referrals)
You wouldn’t happen to know…
Just one person
Someone just like you
Would benefit from …

Just out of curiosity… (responding to delays)
What exactly is it that you need to think about? What needs to happen for you to make a decision?

I’m not sure if it’s for you but…
We operate on a monthly contract designed to deliver results.

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