Digital Marketing Essentials

This page is designed to give an overview of the Digital Marketing services carried out here at The Ambitions Agency.

This section is therefore all about the technical aspects of activities such as Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

In each area you can choose between getting practical, hands-on training or having us do the work or a mix of the two. The best route to success for our clients is a mix of the two so that you build your skills and knowledge while your sales grow at the same time.
Important note
A successful digital marketing campaign relies on two other aspects of the operation being in place: a well-designed website and thoughtful content plan.

Services we offer

Search Engine Optimisation

This activity is designed to make sure that you appear on the first page of the various Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). It is distinct from activities such as PPC because you do not directly pay for prominence but earn it by a range of ongoing actions.
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Pay Per Click

As its name suggests, PPC is an activity that involves paying to be placed in front of people who have entered your desired search term into their search engine. You’re likely to be competing with others to be displayed and will therefore have to bid for the click.
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Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising would place your advertisement in front of an audience that you design carefully and monitor over time. You may think, for example, that displaying your swimsuit range to people who are browsing articles about going on holiday would be a good idea.
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For website owners it can be frustrating to see thousands of site visitors leave their website without buying or enquiring. Part of the answer to this problem may be remarketing ( or retargeting). Once a visitor has been on your site you can then show them ads that remind them of your product or service to nudge them to come back and buy.
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Social Media Marketing

With some 3 billion people on Social Media it is hardly surprising that a great deal of attention is placed on how to market to them. There are some fairly sophisticated targeting opportunities here and while not useful for all, can certainly be powerful.
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Youtube Marketing

Youtube is part of the Google group of companies but is big enough to warrant its own section on any digital marketing plan simply due to its scale and its ability to provide you with a select audience that aligns with your customer persona.
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Blogging is becoming a slightly outdated term - ‘content marketing’ will probably replace it soon. This area is where technical and content meet in the sense that a beautifully written news or information post will have no effect if it is not set up technically correctly.
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Training

There can be little doubt that growing your skills in the areas of digital marketing that help your business grow can only make that growth faster. By investing in yourself or your team you build your company’s resilience and reduce the need for outside support.
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