What is They Ask You Answer?

They Ask You Answer is a business framework with one obsession at its core: 'What is my customer asking?' By focusing on 10 straightforward concepts, thousands of businesses are seeing the sales results they want from their inbound marketing.

They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan is an essential business read for anyone wanting to grow their business.

Forbes described it as a ‘business essential’ and Mashable as a ‘No1 must read’.

they ask you answer


Proven sales success

Kaitlyn Pintarich
Owner, Berry Insurance
Our 100-year old business grew 16.3% in our first year doing They Ask, You Answer, and I’m expecting at least another 10% growth in 2021. Everything is organic and inbound.
Steve Sheinkopf
CEO Yale Appliance
We're now talking over 100,000 leads a year. Our revenues are now up to $117 million a year and the margins are better too.
Kurt Bahler
CEO FBI Buildings
We used to get about 180 leads a week. Now we're up to 350. From a revenue standpoint, we've seen a $5million turnaround in profit
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2022: Is They Ask You Answer in the UK ?

Yes: The Ambitions Agency is the first UK approved Certified
Coaching Partner for They Ask, You Answer

As the UK’s only accredited They Ask You Answer coach we are well placed to help UK
businesses implement the methodology. Our coaching programme is
highly structured and results orientated.

Google + They Ask You Answer = the ultimate sales combination

By working on your content in a way that truly helps people it is inevitable that Google will recognise the strength of your content and reward it by sending more visitors your way.

Content Marketing: The old way vs They Ask You Answer

The old way

Stuffing keywords into dull text
Prospects arrive suspicious and lacking trust
Content production is a dull task nobody wants
Management views marketing as an expense
You rely on outside agencies

They Ask You Answer

Write compelling copy that people will want to read
Prospects arrive warm and trusting your expertise
Writing for the website and producing videos is fun
Marketing becomes key revenue driving team
You take control of your own destiny

What is They Ask You Answer coaching?

This is coaching for business leaders and practical, hands-on training for team members over
12 - 24 months under our powerful Digital Sales and Marketing Mastery programme.

What do you get?

Strategic coaching
Goal by goal coaching and removal of obstacles
Leadership and business alignment
90 days sprints deliver fast progress with measurable outcomes at each stage
Specialist training for team members
Hubspot - implement and optimise to track success
Content writers - hire and train the best people
Videography - build a culture of video
Access to 1000’s of articles
and videos*
The Impactplus community is one where you will not only have tools, articles and videos to build your knowledge but join a powerful community of like-minded business people
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* A discounted Impact Pro membership is available to all team members enrolled on a coaching programme. Cost
Approx: £295 per year. Minimum 2 memberships are required per company enrolled. See impactplus.com

What is Impact Pro membership?

Impact Plus is Marcus Sheridan’s organisation which he created following the huge
success of the book. Membership of his learning centre is called Impact Pro. The
learning centre is the world’s greatest Digital Marketing knowledge bank.

What is the coaching process for UK organisations?

Coaching is based around 90 day sprints which are aimed at solving problems and creating a newly aligned business culture around sales.
  • Inbound culture workshop - delivers company wide buy-in
  • Quarterly Planning & Review day using the unique TAYA Scorecards (web & content)
  • Specialist training sessions - Hubspot, Video and Content writers get dedicated training.
  • Leadership alignment sessions make sure that the program delivers the success the leadership seeks.
  • Sales: Sales team members lead the initiative and are trained accordingly

Pricing depends on desired speed of outcome


Mastery within 24 months
Included in this package:
  • Digital Sales and Marketing Coach
  • 4xSME Training Session/mth


Per month for 24 months

Most popular


Mastery within 18 months
Included in this package:
  • Digital Sales and Marketing Coach
  • 8xSME Training Session/mth


Per month for 18 months


Mastery within 12 months
Included in this package:
  • Digital Sales and Marketing Coach
  • 16xSME Training Session/mth


Per month for 12 months
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