Are you a bad fit for working with The Ambitions Agency?

bad fit clients

If you’re considering working with us, then it’s helpful to know what kind of organisation makes a really good fit and what makes one that is a bad fit.

This article aims to leave you in a position where you say yes, this is worth continuing, or it’s a hard ‘no’ for you. Both are fine!

Bad fits in terms of mindset 

Our name, The Ambitions Agency, was born some years ago when we realised that we were being approached by many businesses who just wanted to do a bit of marketing to tick a box rather than actually achieve significant results, significant change and substantial growth.

We will not be a good fit if you don’t have ambition. We will ask too much of you as an organisation.

When it comes to our core coaching – the They Ask You Answer programmes which are truly transformational, we are very careful who we accept onto the programme. 

The organisation must be bought in from the very top and be willing to adapt to the new digital reality of the world today. We work best with business owners who have characteristics such as:

  • Ambitious, Life-long learners
  • Members of business coaching or support groups
  • Book readers
  • Highly engaged

Bad fits in terms of Scale & Scope (the money!)

Our core ethos is based on the satisfaction we get from effective work that helps people grow their companies.  We would love to be able to help everyone, but the fact of the matter is that bringing a team of experts to bear does cost a certain amount of money. 

Websites – not good for start-ups, micro businesses or multinationals.

If your website budget is below £7,500 ex VAT, we won’t be able to serve you well. Our sites are built by a large team of designers, UX experts, and digital marketing experts to bring the Google magic and developers. 

This makes us extremely competitive when we build sites for small to medium-sized businesses but a bad fit for smaller companies. In the same way, we’re not the right solution for a major corporate client where a much larger team would be needed.  

They Ask You Answer Coaching –  not good for start-ups or micro businesses.

As a startup or a microbusiness, you are much better off simply buying and implementing the book as far as possible. You will not have the time or the resources to dedicate to following the coaching program. 

Our coaching programs work well for successful solopreneurs and small companies where we can adjust the curriculum and, therefore, the price to suit their needs. We can successfully work with larger businesses, and the prices are displayed on the pricing page.

Brand Design – work here varies in scale.

Brand design work often begins with logo creation and moves into other areas, such as presentations, online assets, and brochures. Some of these projects can be quite small, so fit, in terms of price, is hard to specify. It may be best to simply ask for a quote to determine fit here – a logo design costs £4,000, for example. 

Digital Marketing – bad fit for start-ups, micro businesses or large, bureaucratic organisations.

An effective digital marketing program requires regular interaction with our clients as much as it requires your investment.  Programs start around £1000, ex VAT, a month because we find that for a smaller program, we cannot give it the focus of a team that it needs. 

Bad fits – timing 

We are a small company with a core team of just five people, all experts in their particular area. We don’t have spare people sitting around waiting for work, which means that sometimes we cannot respond to a timeline request from a potential client. 

Of course, the upside is that, being a small team, we are extremely flexible and agile and can respond quickly. We just cannot promise to complete larger projects instantly.

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