Your success guaranteed: what else is included with Marcus Sheridan They Ask You Answer Coaching.

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If you know anything at all about Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask You Answer then you know that it’s all about answering the questions that prospects are actually seeking answers to. So when a prospect asked me ‘What do we actually get when we sign up for your Certified Coaching programme?’, I figured we had better answer that question.

What you get is successful They Ask You Answer implementation – guaranteed.

Our process will turn your business into a content-lead sales machine. You’ll see exploding growth in your website traffic first and sales will follow. (You’ll also get a much slicker sales process but more of that later). Officially this means you will receive a certificate in Digital Sales and Marketing Mastery.

Coaching is new in the UK and we currently have 2 businesses in training  (May 2022). They will soon be dominating their sector in terms of searches and sales.

In the USA at Impact, Marcus Sheridan has new companies graduating each month and a string of incredible success stories here.

As a Certified Coach for Marcus Sheridan They Ask You Answer in the UK, our process is the same as the US coaches.

The five official coaches in the USA are at Impact, the Marcus Sheridan Coaching agency. We’ve trained alongside them and have taken the same tests they have. Therefore you can be sure that our process and outcomes mirror theirs. And by the way, training was an intensive 8 month process – including face to face ‘shark tank’ interviews with Marcus Sheridan! We trained alongside Norway’s first coaches, Tamarah and Oscar at Kogger for those with a Scandinavian outlook. Here is the entry for Nick on their website.

Month 1: What’s the first thing that happens?

Month One is all about alignment. Which sounds kind of dry but is actually anything but. The alignment workshop is a dramatic four hours in which the business leadership, sales, marketing and any other customers facing team members will gain a clear sense of the absolute necessity to help the process of making your business the most authoritative, trusted voice in your sector. It’s the one Marcus Sheridan delivers so it’s really good!

18 or 24 months of hard work follows.

To be very clear, implementing Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask You Answer is done by you. Not your coach. Your coach’s first job is to assess a business’s readiness for They Ask You Answer – we simply will not let you start unless we feel you are ready and able to achieve success.

The next thing the coach helps with is your decision on whether to aim for Mastery in 18 or 24 months. Don’t worry – you’ll see results much more quickly than this but the overall process delivers huge organisational change and therefore takes time.

A quarterly ‘full team’ planning meeting is the backbone of the process.

Implementing Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask You Answer is a sales-lead process but one which must involve the leadership of the business and the marketing team too. These people will all be in each planning meeting which will be diarised as a 4 hour session. At this session we will run through your scorecard and will be looking for progress on all points. These sessions deliver targets and tasks for each sub-group in the business.

Coaching for the Sales Team

Sales people lead the process because they are the ones on the frontline – they know the issues that arise, the issues that cause sales not to close successfully and the mindset of your prospective buyers.

Coaching here looks first at making sure the content produced works to support them in their role. We will make sure that they have the most useful tools first – the blogs that answer critical questions and the ones they can use during the sales process.

Later we coach them in producing their own 80% videos and the use of content in the sales process – Assignment Selling. We will also support them in the introduction of one-to-one video and associated tools.

Coaching for Content Writers

Clearly the production of content is at the heart of Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask You Answer and so a lot of time is spent making sure your content is perfect and working as hard as it possibly can.

Writers are trained in basic SEO so they can be confident in researching their topics and maximising keyword impact. They’ll be trained in writing in an engaging and informative way that positions your business as THE trusted voice of authority in your sector.

Coaching for Videographers

With over 80% of people’s time online spent watching videos, there simply is no way to win online without creating a lot of video content. Our team will help with equipment set-up and then begin to coach your video output so that the process becomes second nature for the team.

Coaching for leadership

The success of Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask You Answer depends entirely on full buy-in from the business. The process will be lead by CEO, MD or business owner and they will attend the quarterly planning meetings. The role of the coach here is to give them the skills they need to remove obstacles to progress and to reform their organisation around a culture of inbound content creation. This is no small task and thus our support here is powerful and drives accountability from top to bottom of the business.

‘We’re not sure if our website is good enough?’

We hear this question often and the most common answer is that your website is fine – for now. In other words, the priority and the way to success quickly is not to get sidetracked by a web build.

A few months of solid progress creating Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask You Answer content will lead to you getting a much better understanding of your target audience and therefore making any website rebuild 100 times more effective when the time comes.

Some Key Training Areas:

The principles of Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask You Answer

  • The power of insourcing
  • Why trust is key and how to generate it
  • Building a revenue team
  • How to plan a content calendar
  • Introduction to the tools to use
  • Writing skills – structure and style for powerful writing
  • SEO for writers – how to maximise the Google effect
  • SEO tools for writers
  • Using Video for blogs – script ideas, equipment and editing
  • Assignment Selling
  • Seven videos to impact sales and closing rates
  • The 80% video
  • Bio Videos
  • One to One video
  • Website messaging
  • Website structure
  • Self-selection tools
  • Measuring success

If you want to dominate your sector, see explosive traffic growth and find warm leads in your inbox every day then Marcus Sherdian They Ask You Answer inbound content coaching is the way to go. Book a call with a coach today.

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