Start paying less for Pay Per Click for your business today.

Put our fully Google accredited PPC advertising services team to
work on your complete digital footprint to see PPC costs go down
while revenue goes up.
As a Google Platinum Partner PPC company, we work with Google day in, day out and we know precisely what is required to make sure that your profile with Google is precisely what they want. That means that you will avoid hidden charges which you may think are standard fees but which may be up to 8 times what your competition are paying.

Is Google quietly doubling or even quadrupling your PPC costs while giving your ads less prominence?

‘ We did some SEO, it didn’t work, we didn’t sell more’
‘ Our competition always outranks us’
‘We were on Google’s results page one for a while then we disappeared’
‘We just don’t really understand SEO’

If you’ve said some of the things above then it may be.

If you decided to ‘do some PPC’ without getting the rest of your digital house in order it may be that Google is punishing you without telling you it is punishing you.

A recent eCommerce website client arrived telling us that ‘ PPC doesn’t work for us’. When we investigated we found that his site was badly set-up and the reason it ‘didn’t work’ was because he was being overcharged by 400%. He was finding it hard to break even - little wonder!

PPC is incredibly powerful when done correctly.

  • Immediate results - PPC is fast compared to organic SEO
  • Build Website traffic - will help organic rankings
  • Algorithm changes won’t bother you too much - even when Google changes the rules for organic you will still get business
  • Get a high return on investment - PPC can turbo charge sales
  • Target locations precisely where needed
  • Get actionable data for your organic SEO work
  • Retarget people who landed but didn’t buy

Why is our integrated - ‘Complete Digital Footprint’ - approach successful?

Our approach avoids this issue and brings many benefits. We simply always do PPC as part of a full digital programme which really means that we’ll run it alongside proper SEO - Search Engine Optimisation among other actions.

This approach has a huge array of benefits:

  • By making sure your digital footprint is optimised ( and this means solid SEO) you will be sure to minimise your PPC cost. Saving 20p per click could be tens of thousands of pounds over a year.
  • Paid and organic work together in the sense that you can increase the total volume of traffic by targeting clicks in both for high volume keywords
  • If you’re testing ad copy and landing page copy in a PPC campaign you can feed that information through to your SEO work saving time
  • Equally keyword and conversion data from PPC can inform your SEO plans.
  • Visitors you attract via SEO can be targetted with PPC remarketing to increase your ROI on each pound spent
  • By having a good presence in organic search and paid search you will increase convince, awareness and trust among your buying audience
  • You can move important but expensive keywords from paid to organic search saving money
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The Types of PPC we optimise for our clients:

  • Google AdWords Management
  • Bing Ads Management
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Instagram Ads Management
  • LinkedIn Ads Management
  • Twitter Ads Management
  • Display Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Ecommerce Management
  • Landing Page Design
  • Local PPC
  • National PPC
  • AdWords Penalization Recovery
  • Free AdWords Audit


How do you work with us?

We aim to make working with us an enjoyable, informed, profitable growth experience. It’s not a ‘hands-off’ project though - you’ll need to do the work with us.

Planning stage collaboration

The early days are highly collaborative. We’ll work together to get all your digital accounts under one roof. This makes Google and us and probably you very happy. Being able to easily access any data is a joy. We’ll also get you involved in decisions about keywords, budgets ( of course) and goal setting.

Start your training

Experience has taught us that having our clients grow with us is vital so we include specific tailored coaching sessions for our clients. They always enjoy this and see the benefits immediately as the team productivity grows.

Monthly work & reporting

Once a month the client and agency meet to discuss results and plans for the 4 weeks ahead. This is a key part of the process to keep the program in line with goals and expectations. Its always an interesting meeting when you see what tricks and games yoru rivals are playing and discover interesting insights into your target audience’s behaviours.

Watch your competitors moves and outwit them.

Ok we’re not fighting anyone literally but PPC certainly has elements of a chess battle we play against our clients’ competitors and their PPC managers. We observe their moves daily and aim to outflank them or move into areas they have not discovered yet. It’s fun in one sense but also involves money so we fight to win.

What’s the best PPC advertising process?

Keyword research ensures we have the kinds of keywords that people are searching for on Google and that those keywords are ones that take people to your business.

An initial marketing campaign targeted at people using those search terms begins to bring in business and important learnings.

Some keywords are highly competitive, so we expect to pay a different rate per keyword. You can specify how much you want to pay for which keywords, but a lower bid will result in a lower ad position.

You specify a total budget and once your ad goes live it will be amongst the ads at the top of the Google page for the search term being used. You only pay once someone clicks on your ad.

The real magic happens with ongoing optimisation against learnings and data. This is done day in, day out. Observing degrees of success and what your competition is doing with their PPC and taking action every day to drive improvements.

How much does PPC Cost?

PPC costs can be split into two areas as follows:

1. Your budget spent on Google / others.
2. Your budget spent managing the money spent above.

If you already have your digital team up and running, your digital footprint is complete and your SEO is fully optimised then we can happily come in and work with those elements to add PPC to the mix.

In this instance we would charge you 15% of your total budget to run the campaigns.
If you are spending £10,000 a month your management fee would be £1500.

If you do not have all the other elements in place then the only appropriate course is a digital programme to first ensure your digital footprint is complete and seamless across all touchpoints.

We’ll be happy to explain the process and offer clear and transparent outlines of work involved, results expected and investment required.

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