The 10 Core Principles of They Ask You Answer – a Complete Guide

10 core principles of they ask you answer

Fed up wasting time writing the wrong content?

Depressed about meeting the wrong sales prospects?

Learn the core principles of They Ask You Answer and see those concerns disappear!

Grow your web traffic, leads quality and team happiness.

This guide will build out from 3 principles to the full 10 over time. Please check back or join our mailing list.

Here’s How I grow my sales and never waste time I could be spending with my family writing pointless content.

10 core principles of They Ask You Answer – Principle 1: The big five.

The first thing Marcus Sheridan did in turning an almost  bankrupt business into one of America’s biggest and fastest-growing swimming pool companies was to discover that there are five categories of articles which get massive traction in every industry and will often see you go straight to page one (I can confirm this from personal experience)

Fortune favours the brave.

All the categories have one thing in common: You’re not doing them now, and most companies are not brave enough to create them ever.

To create winning content, it must be useful – not sales copy. If you sell in these articles, you will not get traction. Add a strong CTA paragraph at the end.

Article about cost and price factors

Create helpful guides to all the factors that influence your thing’s price and general prices in your sector.

Articles about problems

An honest discussion of problems in the wider sector and perhaps even challenges with your solution. What can make it not work, for example?


Everyone loves a good ‘ X vs. Y’ article, right? So create some. They might compare your service or product to others or discuss related items in your field.

Best of Lists

Best-of lists make for very popular content. If you are an outdoor goods retailer, you may wish to list ‘the five best tents for families’.


Reviews can be compelling, as I have seen myself: I wrote a review of the five best digital marketing agencies near this one, and within a few weeks, we were on page one of Google.

Did I worry that people would learn about these competitors from my article?


I know that people can find out about them anywhere on Google, so I’d rather that people searching for these companies found my page.

Stop wasting time attending sales calls with poorly qualified leads

10 core principles of They Ask You Answer – Principle 2: Assignment Selling.

The inconvenient truth: The more work a prospect has to do to meet you, the more invested in that meeting they will be.

If someone has read 30 pages of your content and is still willing to meet you, how excited are you to meet them?

Steal our Buyers Guide and repurpose it 


If someone is unwilling to do homework, will you bother to meet them?

I wouldn’t

Assignment selling in they ask you answer is the application of your content to the sales process.

Usually, it involves asking prospects to read a comprehensive buyer’s guide that is all about working with you.

Once they have read this, they all be fully informed and if they do not rule themselves out of the process on grounds of you being a bad fit then they are by definition a highly qualified lead.

Firing money at expensive agencies might feel okay when times are good, but what happens when they’re not?

10 core principles of They Ask You Answer – Principle 3: In-house content management.

Here is the most straightforward concept: If you bring your content production in-house, that content will be better and produced more quickly and less expensively than if it were outsourced to an agency.


You will need training from an experienced and certified They Ask You Answer Coach to build that team.

Aside from growing your leads and traffic dramatically, one of the big aims of content marketing with the  They Ask You Answer method is to make your business stand out a mile from the rest by being authentic and accurate about your business.

Outside agencies:

  • Less authentic
  • Less honest
  • More expensive
  • Encourage dependency (forever)
  • Slow
  • Less interesting

Which means:

  • Lower engagement
  • Lower conversion
  • Fewer sales

We’ve all made tougher decisions than this.

Go in-house for the win.

Well, that’s three of the 10 core principles of They Ask You Answer done.

If you’d like to build all ten into your business, connect with us today.

We WILL have an implementation plan to suit your time and budget.

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