Is a They Ask You Answer Workshop worth doing in your company?

They Ask You Answer Workshop

Do you see the huge potential with the They Ask, You Answer framework, but getting the business on board seems impossible? This workshop, created by Marcus Sheridan, is designed to solve all that. But is it worth doing? Read on to find out.

What are the objectives of a They Ask You Answer Workshop?


To effectively implement this amazing framework, it is crucial that your entire company embraces the mission of becoming the number one teacher in your industry. The workshop aims to ensure that all team members understand the impact of They Ask You Answer on their roles and responsibilities.


Align the sales and marketing teams: The workshop focuses on breaking down silos between the sales and marketing teams. By creating a formal Revenue Team and promoting collaboration, you will create content that directly addresses customer questions and concerns, leading to shorter sales cycles and improved close rates.


Generate content ideas for sales success: During the workshop, your teams will engage in content ideation, generating ideas that will resonate with your target audience and help drive sales. These ideas will be based on the real questions and concerns your sales team encounters during the sales process.

Leadership Roadmap

Immediately following the workshop, the leadership will gather together and be helped to create their own personal roadmap for the initial three months of work to ensure that the They Ask You Answer program launches powerfully and effectively.

Video-first approach

The Team will understand the rationale and embrace a video-first approach to content production.

Summary of Workshop Objectives

  • Complete buy-in from the whole business
  • The sales team is excited and ready to work closely with marketing
  • The business embraces a video-first approach
  • The business understands how to ensure its website attracts high-quality traffic and engages visitors.
  • Sales grow, and the sales process shortens
  • Leadership get a clear revenue growth roadmap to kick off the process.
  • A clear understanding of the tools required

What is a They Ask You Answer Workshop?

A They Ask You Answer workshop is a strategic session in which leadership, sales, marketing, customer service, and some subject matter experts from the business come together in the first moment of forming your revenue team. Exciting for all concerned!

This powerful session lasts around three and a half hours and, from a standing start, will take the whole team to a place of alignment around how to respond to today’s digital buyers.

Your They Ask You Answer workshop begins by addressing the fundamentals, which are addressed interactively and excitingly so that everyone in the room can participate in self-discovery of their own truth and become energised and invested in the program’s success.

Neither you nor anyone on your team have likely been involved in a workshop like this.

Why? Because it was developed by one of the world’s greatest communicators, Marcus Sheridan, and it will be facilitated by someone Marcus has trained personally: In this case, Nick Burrage is the UK’s first certified They Ask You Answer coach.

After the fundamentals come the inspiration for future content production.

Once everyone is clear on the fundamentals behind the programme, we then go on to look at the five big topic areas for future content production and why each is so important.

The session will explore video, introduce some key tools, and conclude with a discussion of the fundamentals of a successful website.

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What happens after a They Ask You Answer workshop?

Immediately after the They Ask You Answer workshop (or after lunch after the workshop), the leadership team will reconvene with the facilitator and from there,  we’ll spend the next 90 minutes to two hours making sure everyone in the leadership team is completely clear on the roadmap for the next few months of work the critical three-month kick-off period.

They Ask You Answer workshop alternatives.

Unfortunately, there is no strong statistical evidence to compare businesses that have used experts to help them implement They Ask You Answer and those companies that have done it on their own.

Any company that signs up for a coaching program with Marcus’s team at Impact or with ourselves or another independent coach will have a workshop to start their program.  We have robust evidence that those companies almost always go on to huge success.

An alternative approach could be to give everyone on the team a copy of the book They Ask You Answer and have them read it. However, to compare that experience with a shared series of revelations with the energy and excitement of being together in a room is impossible.  it is a completely different experience and unlikely to result in the same success.

Problems with They Ask You Answer Workshop.

Having delivered this workshop to numerous business groups across the United Kingdom, I can safely say that it never fails to deliver.

Set the conditions

As a facilitator, I am very clear about the conditions needed for the workshop to have its maximum impact. At the beginning of the session, I will explain how I expect people to show up during their time in the room. This avoids the problem of people not getting the most out of it by not participating fully enough.

Absent colleagues

If key people are absent from the workshop, this is a problem that the workshop clearly cannot address so it’s very important that all possible team members are given the time and are mandated to attend the session.

What is the cost of a They Ask You Answer workshop?

There’s quite a large variance in how much a They Ask You Answer workshop will cost your business.  Unsurprisingly, if you want Marcus to deliver the workshop, you will likely pay the most –  in excess of $30,000.  For one of his team members to deliver the They Ask You Answer workshop, it will cost $15,000 plus travel.

I will charge £2500 for the same workshop, and to reassure you, I was trained alongside many of Marcus’s coaches. This lower price reflects that UK companies taking up tend to be the smaller, more forward-thinking businesses.

It is precisely the same workshop.

Final Deciding factors: Is a  They Ask You Answer workshop worth it?

Your They Ask You Answer workshop is a carefully and cleverly structured day. It is about as far as you can imagine being from the old death by PowerPoint.

All the coaches who deliver the workshop Are trained to understand the requirements of every individual attendee and to help them on their own personal journey of Discovery. When I give the session to business coaching groups across the UK, I always get a huge round of applause, which I take, of course, but really, it’s down to the day being so carefully written and created.

So it’s truly Powerful.

A workshop is the ideal way to kick off the program. Still, it cannot be a long-term success without the leadership of the business being extremely invested in the program and without hiring a dedicated content manager.

A workshop is a great way to kick off the program if you then go on to take coaching, it may also prove a great way to convert any doubters in the business into knowing that this is the path for the whole company

You are unlikely to see success across the months and years that follow simply from a workshop.

Book a They Ask You Answer workshop today.

If you’re ready to get it going or you simply have more questions then get in touch today.

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