Chat GPT Vs Google: Will Ai mean the death of Google SEO?

chatgpt vs Google

The headlines scream that ‘Google is dead’ and that the battle of ChatGPT vs Google is already over. What does this mean for all your search engine optimisation, your careful keyword planning and writing great content – has it all been a waste of time? Read on for the precise and definite answer.

Before we decide on a winner in the Chat GPT vs Google debate, there is a much more important question to consider:

Chat GPT vs Google – Does it even matter?

Suppose you’ve been paying attention and doing your search engine optimisation properly. In that case, you’ve been creating content that answers all the questions, concerns and worries that your potential buyers could possibly have.

Ideally, you’ve been following the powerful They Ask You Answer framework, which at its core is a simple obsession about answering your prospects’ questions.

The thing that makes content marketing with They Ask You Answer so powerful is two-fold:

  1. An obsession with questions, worries, fears, concerns, etc., of our potential customers/buyers.
  1. The willingness to ADDRESS those questions, worries, fears, concerns, etc.

If you have not been willing to address these issues with your content, the arrival of Ai in the form of Chat GPT will make no difference.

Chat GPT and Google have the same aim: To deliver great information to their users. Their tech teams work tirelessly to find the best information for their users.

Here are some of the things that neither of them can do:

  • Share your personal experience and expertise ( if you haven’t published it already)
  • Make your CEO brave enough to allow you to produce useful, honest content that discusses your product or service, warts and all.
  • Surface your likely cost and price range to potential buyers if you haven’t shared that online somewhere.
  • Share the real experiences and stories of your customers 
  • Create useful comparisons of your thing with competitors.

Hopefully, you get the idea: Whatever method people may or may not use doesn’t matter to you. If you are getting your content right, both systems will find you, and if you’re getting it wrong, neither will.

ChatGPT vs Google – the winner

If I were to tell you that we still have 1.5 million people paying a monthly subscription to AOL for… God knows what,  then you will understand that people do tend to stick with what they know.  Google will be here for a long time to come.

It is also true to say that I know of businesses that are getting new customers via chat GPT, so clearly, something big is afoot.

I’m not going to declare a winner, I’m afraid –  sorry to duck the question, but as this article goes to press in late 2023, all we can honestly and absolutely say is that we need to be totally switched on to AI and watching it like a hawk.

I don’t want this to read like a ‘nothing to see here, move along’ article!

Chat GPT and AI, in the broader sense, are having a massive impact on the business world in every area. If you’re not experimenting and testing AI in all aspects of your business, then I can assure you that a competitor is and ultimately will see huge gains from what they learn.

Chat GPT makes producing great content much easier.

The days of purely being a content writer are already behind us, and major content production agencies have closed down.  this is because AI’s ability to produce great articles, videos and images means that being a content writer is not a job anymore.

 bring AI into your content production today either with training from A reputable agency such as ourselves or simply by playing and learning by doing.

Chat GPT makes producing terrible content much easier.

Quite often, when I click on a search result, I’m taken to a page that AI clearly wrote, and it’s bloody awful.  you can bring the same touch of magic to your own content by simply using poor prompts and then copying and pasting the resulting text from AI onto your website.

For most of us, the implication here is that we must work to bring our own expertise or authority and experience into every piece of writing we craft.  We must work hard to stand out from the ever-growing mountain of the digital landfill that is being produced every second by Ai.

Use social media to sidestep the carnage.

In 2024 and beyond, social media will only rise in importance.  It provides a direct route between your business and your prospects.  Here, quality matters more than ever because you are taking up people’s personal time and so it is not good enough to simply interrupt them from what interests them: you must be what interests them. 

Stick to the main principles for success, and you’ll survive and even thrive in the Chat GPT vs Google battle

The principles of great content start by obsessing over your buyers’ questions, worries and concerns and embracing these three statements:

  1. You must be willing to talk about what others do not in your space.
  2. You must be willing to show what others do not in your space.
  3. You must be willing to sell in a way others won’t sell in your space.

Get all the training and support you need with Ai and content from the experts at The Ambitions Agency.

For businesses that fit our criteria we have programs that teach you all you need to know about AI and deliver guaranteed success in your wider content marketing efforts.

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