Discover the awesome power of creating a revenue team in your business.

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Misunderstanding today’s digital buyer is crushing your people and hurting your business.

Read on to fix it.

In most companies sales and marketing do not work together.

You could call it a lack of ‘alignment’ if you’re being fancy.

You’ll probably call it madness once you understand the damage it is doing.

Salespeople feel the pain of low lead volume

The result is that salespeople meet many bad fits if they meet anyone at all. A low volume of leads consisting of people who are not right for the service is a classic sign of a misaligned sales and marketing team.

Marketing people are seen as fluffy

Marketing people also suffer because sales complain about the leads.  Marketing creates content that isn’t relevant and therefore gets labelled as the colouring-in department doing fluffy things that don’t matter.

And the business doesn’t make £$£$

And, of course, the business suffers because it doesn’t grow constantly or sustainably.

Let’s stop your pain and realise how today’s digital buyer works

We have a lot of data on today’s digital buyers, whether buying shoes or choosing a new company lawyer.

Today’s digital buyers will spend around 80% of the entire research time they’re investing before you as a potential vendor meet them.

In your industry, it may be 100% (think Cazoo).

This is a critical point, so I will rephrase it so that you understand it:

Today’s digital buyer spends much time online researching you and your company and everything you can do to help them solve their problem. They are pretty likely to have already decided before they contact you.

By this point, it is safe to say the buyer’s journey has changed. Consumers do more of their research, and they engage with more content to support their decision-making. The numbers looked something like this over 10 years ago.

This article is being written in 2024. The stats above are from a Forbes article from 2014.

So, what is the number in your industry today?

Your marketing is broken, and the revenue team is how we fix it.

Your marketing people are working away in a silo, making things look pretty on websites, churning out ads and doing all the other things that keep them busy.

Salespeople are meeting people who have a bunch of questions and concerns.

No more silos. No more unanswered questions.

What is a They Ask You Answer Revenue Team?

A revenue team is a team that includes customer-facing team members such as salespeople, account managers, engineers, etc., along with your marketing team and your business leadership.  They are called a revenue team because they are the team that will drive a massive increase in your revenue. 

Their task is to meet regularly and for all the frontline staff to tell the marketing people what questions they hear.

???? Marketing people create content that answers those questions.

For every one person that arrives all the way to the salesperson with that question there are 1000 that simply got put off and you never met them.

Here are some of the questions that salespeople here that you are not answering, and you need to

  • Prospective buyer: ‘Why is your thing priced differently from other things that look the same?’
  • Prospective buyer: ‘What problems might I come across?’
  • Prospective buyer: ‘Who else should I look at when considering this purchase?’
  • Prospective buyer: ‘I’d like a side-by-side comparison of your thing and the competition.’

Your Revenue Team is only as good as the bravery of the business leadership.

One man built one of America’s largest pool companies by simply writing one blog that nobody dared to write in the industry.

  • From a dying company to one of the market leaders.
  • From a pool guy to one of the world’s most influential marketers.
  • From broke to multi-millionaire.

All because he dared to answer one burning question that NOBODY else in the industry was brave enough to create.

The blog?

How much will my fibreglass swimming pool cost?

This single article has created over £30m of pool sales.

We’ll not only create a Revenue Team in your business but we’ll also get them fired up,  confident and capable.

Get in touch today and find out how quickly we can bring real change to your marketing. No more failed initiatives and dead-ends. Full power ahead with confidence that you are aligned with today’s digital buyer.

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