Is ‘They Ask You Answer’ coaching worth it?

is they ask you answer coaching worth it?

The successful implementation of They Ask You Answer has proven to be a game-changing success strategy for many businesses worldwide. So, is They Ask, You Answer coaching worth it?

You probably already know that ‘They Ask You Answer’ brings huge commercial success.

At its core, TAYA is a customer-centric approach that demands a deep understanding of your audience’s questions and concerns and then responding with informative and honest content. However, the journey from understanding this concept to applying it is often challenging. 

While many businesses have seen huge business success by applying TAYA principles, many more have stumbled, unable to translate theory into practice.

Gillies & Mackay is a They Ask You Answer Certified business in Scotland that dominates the summerhouse market in their part of the country.

is they ask you answer coaching worth it? Gilles and Mackay think so

Is They Ask You Answer coaching worth it? First, let’s understand what success looks like.

You have a perfectly tailored They Ask You Answer strategy.

Every business is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. They Ask, You Answer touches many parts of a business and therefore, the strategy needs to be flexed to suit your goals, objectives and available resources.

You have in-house marketing excellence.

They Ask You Answer is a full business transformation, and successful implementation means you have a new mindset, new skills and capabilities. Success means you have transformed your marketing team into an ‘in-house agency’ capable of producing world-class content. Think about this when considering the question: ‘is They Ask You Answer coaching worth it?’

You are consistently creating world-class content.

 The essence of TAYA lies in content that resonates. Whether engaging blog posts, compelling videos, or informative podcasts, you create content that answers questions and builds trust and authority.

You are fully leveraging the benefits of AI.

No content creation team can be at maximum efficiency without fully leveraging AI’s benefits in every aspect of their work, from simple copy production to AI video editing and photography.

You are fully leveraging the benefits of AI.

No content creation team can be at maximum efficiency without fully leveraging AI’s benefits in every aspect of their work, from simple copy production to AI video editing and photography.

Sales and marketing are fully aligned.

Until sales and marketing are fully aligned and working together as a big part of your revenue team, you cannot say you have successfully implemented They Ask You Answer.

You have mastered essential tools.

 Tools like HubSpot’s sales and marketing suite can be game-changers, and new ones are emerging almost daily. Without a CRM and other tools that allow measurement of progress, you cannot say you have succeeded.

Your sales process is content-rich and highly effective.

At its heart, They Ask, You Answer is a sales-led process that works very well when sales teams use the content, allowing higher conversion and a shorter process. Sales teams often ask: Is They ask You coaching worth it? And they always see the most benefit!

You are proudly displaying the They Ask You Answer certification.

Once your business has been through coaching and been assessed by your coach as being of the right standard, you can display the certification and join an elite group of businesses.

So how does hiring a They Ask, You Answer Coach help achieve all that?

The items above are, of course, the tip of the iceberg, and success will see numerous people within an organisation change their roles and responsibilities and acquire new skills. To answer the question: ‘Is They Ask You Answer coaching worth it?, consider these points:

Blind Spots

 It’s often said that you can’t read the label from inside the jar. This is where an external coach excels. They provide an objective perspective, identifying blind spots in your strategy or execution that you might miss. This insight is invaluable in fine-tuning your approach to TAYA.

Shortcut to Success with Proven Tactics

External coaches have the advantage of having seen it all. They bring a wealth of experience from working with various businesses, offering shortcuts to success by applying proven tactics that have worked elsewhere. This means less trial and error for you and faster results.

Fresh Perspectives and Innovation

 An external coach brings new ideas and perspectives to invigorate your marketing strategies. They help you think outside the box and introduce innovative approaches you may not have considered.

Customised Strategy Development

Every business is unique, and a cookie-cutter approach won’t do it justice. A TAYA coach understands this and works with you to develop a customised strategy that fits your specific business needs, market environment, and organisational culture.

Enhancing Team Skills and Morale

External coaches are not just strategists but also trainers who can enhance your team’s skills. Their presence can boost team morale, showing your commitment to professional development and achieving excellence in your marketing efforts.

Objective Measurement and Feedback

With an external coach, you get unbiased feedback on your progress. They help set objective metrics for success and provide honest, constructive feedback, which is essential for continuous improvement.

Speak to a coach today and find out if your business is a fit for They Ask, You Answer coaching.

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