Get expert website development with great communication and planning skills.

Web development projects can easily spiral out of control. Not with us - we’re careful about planning and process so that whether it is straightforward eCommerce website development or some more complex task, our clients are informed and in control the whole way.
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Some website development problems we hear about:

‘The agency took on our project without fully understanding our needs’
‘As we moved through the project we realised we wanted to change some deliverables but the agency couldn’t adjust’
‘The final invoice ended up being a shock’
‘The project dragged on far beyond the original due date’
With careful pre-planning before the task is awarded to an agency many of these issues will be avoided.

Our approach is to help create a solid scope for a project before either we or the client commit to the task. This allows both sides to become fully comfortable with all aspects before any commitments are made.


Wordpress as a foundation

We tend to stick to Wordpress integrations so it may well be that we flag
up that we are not the right agency during the initial discussions. It is far
far better to have this ethos than the more common ‘ we’ll say we can do
it and figure out how afterwards’ one !
A typical web development project:

Integrating satellite sea temperature data purchase for a global market.

Meet the client

Andrew runs Pixalytics, an independent consultancy company specialising in Earth observation using cutting edge satellite and airborne technologies to provide data for vial scientific research.

Understand the challenge

Pixalytics run a number of databases containing satellite imagery which is updated in real time from space. The imagery relates to water quality and temperature around coasts as well as land information for issues such as flooding.

To purchase these images website visitors must first be able to check availability using a global map.

Communicate with 5 databases and communicate results back to site visitors. If data is available, proceed to the purchase process.

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