Best Digital Marketing Agency in Devon

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Devon

This article sets out to help you find the best digital marketing agency in Devon. There are lots of agencies out there but we’ve kept to those who have a real focus on digital marketing.

If you have Googled this question and come to sortlist then a huge note of caution: This site’s list includes agencies from all over the place and clearly selects agencies based on them having the word ‘agency’ in their title. Pretty much useless if you really are hunting for the best digital marketing agency in Devon!

You can check an agency is a Google Partner here which is Google’s own list. This is a good first check for any digital agency in Devon or anywhere else. To be Google Partners, key team members will need to take an exam each year on each area of Google they choose to be certified in.

So here it is, our ‘Best digital Marketing Agency in Devon’ article, enjoy!

1 Optix Solutions 

An agency with its heart in great digital work. They offer all the main digital services including SEO, Link Building, Email Marketing and Social Media. Unusually for a digital agency they also have a really strong creative direction which shows in work for a range of clients from Michael Spiers to the NHS.

Google Partner: Yes

2 WNW Digital 

A really strong pure play digital marketing agency in Devon. This agency has been running for over 20 years and offers the full range of digital services based around its ‘intelligent collaboration’ ethos. A great asset for a business looking for a powerful digital partner and an obvious choice for the best digital agency in Devon list.

Google Partner: Yes

3 The Organic Agency

This brilliant agency has an office in London as well as Devon and that is no surprise given the great work they do for some of the UK’s biggest brands such as B&M where they built an eCommerce function into the business. They have a really powerful linked-up feel which stretches from digital into the brand side. They offer the full range of SEO or ‘natural search’ as they term it as well as PPC and a strong focus on User Experience Design.

A big brand is in safe hands here.

Google Partner: Yes

4 Bray Leino

This is the giant of the list and they do far more than just digital marketing. No ‘best digital marketing agency in Devon’ list would be complete without them though. Bray Leino have blazed the trail for huge creativity in the region and are far and away the biggest agency in Devon.

They have a strong core client group in healthcare such as Covonia but they also have regional brands such as Thatchers and Burts and even global giants such as Tefal. They offer the full digital marketing spectrum from strategy and UX through to tech development and digital marketing.

Google Partner: Yes

5 Peaky Digital 

Based in the artistic colony that is Falmouth, this agency is a relative newcomer at 6 years old but has a very solid offer. SEO and PPC form the basis of a complete suite of services for the business in search of growth. Interestingly they also include Pinterest marketing which is a platform seeing something of a revival recently and could well apply to certain businesses as a great opportunity.

Peaky Digital also offer paid social media, email and Amazon marketing among their vast range.

But which is the best digital marketing agency for you?

Hunting for the best digital marketing agency in Devon may be fun but, of course, what you really need is the best digital agency for you.

We aim to support that journey of discovery with full awareness that the answer may not be us here at The Ambitions Agency. Our learning centre is designed to help you build your digital understanding – this is a great way to ensure that your discussions with prospective digital support agencies are more useful for you and more likely to result in the perfect partnership.

One great way to understand who might fit is to have a chat with your shortlist. And if we’re on that list, the link here is what you need.

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