Does your website design agency understand Google?

Does your website design agency understand Google

Any organisation wanting a genuinely effective business website must be cautious when choosing its website design agency partner.  Does your website design agency understand google? Your website design agency must understand Google and have expertise on hand during the build.

Not all agencies are set up this way, so you must understand precisely what you’re looking for.

Website cost is a big clue to an effective business website.

When investigating website design agencies, you will always notice a huge variety in the investment required to build your website. One key factor that drives this delta in cost is the level of search engine optimisation built into the website from the word go.

Websites may look the same but be very different.

To help us understand the situation, I’m first going to talk about two completely different websites that may look at exactly the same to the outside eye.

A simple brochure website

This is a website that looks like a great website, and indeed, it may be a perfectly effective business website for that business’s needs.  Typically, this website is used as a backup following a face-to-face or online meeting: you meet a prospective new client, explain what you do, and point them to your website so they can discover more. Does your website design agency understand google? – No, not in this case.

Key point: This website does not need to be found in Google searches

Cost: Lower end of the range

An inbound marketing website

This website is built from the ground up with search engine optimisation in mind. The menu structure is carefully considered to be clear and readable by Google as well as site visitors;  each page will be crafted around a particular keyword which has been carefully researched to resonate with the maximum number of the target market

Key point: This website is designed as the foundation for powerful SEO work

Cost: Upper end of the range

For a company choosing this kind of website, an effective business website means a website that will appear on page one of Google for many hundreds of keywords and searches. Does your website design agency understand google? In this case, it absolutely must.

To ensure you get the right website design agency and then that with the perfect and effective business website for your company, here are five questions and some comments to help you understand the answers.

Question:  Do you have in-house Google-certified experts to ensure our site is built to the best possible standards?

Comment:  Building a site with Google in mind is the best way to ensure future commercial success, whether e-commerce or simply a flow of leads.

Question:   Will you guide us on the proper site structure for both Google and our site visitors?

Comment: It is vital here that your new site is not simply built to replace the Old website and thereby loses all the vital SEO power of the old site.  This happens a lot.  It is equally important that your new site has a menu structure that Google understands and can read and, of course, is pleasing and intuitive for your site visitors. Ignoring these factors will leave you with a website that is not an effective business website.

Question: Will you help us with guidance on keywords for each website page during the content creation phase?

Comment: Your agency should have Google-certified expertise on hand to make sure that from day one, your new site gives you the best chance of commercial success by being correctly set up in terms of keywords.

Question: Will our website be marked up correctly using schema tags so search engines know exactly who to show our site to?

Comment: This job needs to be done, and digital marketing experts best do it, so ensure they have this in place. All effective business websites are marked up for Google.

Question: Will you ensure we have a complete digital footprint so that our website, social media and Google Analytics are all set up correctly?

Comment: This is slightly outside of a typical web build, but your website must be correctly linked up with all your Google Analytics, your social platforms, YouTube, etc. The best answer here will depend on what you have in place and your ambitions.

Start growing your business today with an effective business website from The Ambitions Agency.

Our unified team includes designers, developers and Google-certified search engine optimisation experts so you can be certain that your website will be built with your success in mind.

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