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‘Be genuine. Be remarkable. Be worth connecting with.’
Seth Godin
We want anyone we work with to be remarkable in their field. We want you to fulfill your ambitions and to do far, far better than you would have ever done without us.

We’re a full service digital inbound marketing & design agency.
That means we work with people who want to build their business - to sell more. We build websites, design brands and our digital marketing work combines coaching and execution to truly transform business outcomes.

Company history

The Ambitions Agency today

Our clients’ success is achieved, we know from experience, by combining a powerful coaching ethos with technical and creative skills.

A recent new client was, she said, almost moved to tears by our website planning process having been badly let down by a previous supplier. We don’t expect that every time but we do know that our processes and tools are the best around and that when they are combined with our talented team we create a winning combination.

We promise a uniquely powerful experience: our ability to deliver a complete digital footprint is, as far as we know, unique outside the mega London agencies; we are the sole UK coach for the powerful TAYA Content Framework and our design department is staffed by ridiculously talented folks.
Talking of our team, here they are…

The team

Nick Burrage

Managing Director
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Karen Moate

Creative Director
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Helen Fendall

Client Strategy Director
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Liyana van Wyk

Digital Marketing Director
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Grace Lippolis

Head of Content
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Richard James

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Wesley van Wyk

SEO Director

Kevin Bowler

Senior Software Developer

Alison Convery

Financial Controller

What can you get from us?

Brand planning

Website design

Bespoke digital

Brand book creation


Print advertising

Radio advertising

Cheerful meetings

Website development

Search engine marketing


Digital audit

A promotion from your boss

Content marketing

Graphic design

They Ask, You Answer

What can’t you get?

PR. Not us.
Market Research. We don’t own any clipboards.
Influencer stuff. Not a clue.

Problems, problems, problems.

Everyone has them. Right now yours is that you haven’t got a clue if we’re the right agency or not and you do need to find one. So keep reading the site or ( shortcut alert ) ping us a message. A chat is quick and a useful way for us both to figure out if a second date is worth it.
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