SEO for blogs – nail this vital skill and maximise your impact

seo for blogs

Keep visitors on your website and interested in your offer. But getting those visitors requires help from Google – it requires great SEO for blogs. Get this right for each blog and the cumulative effect will add up to a massive sales boost.


  • Get your SEO for blogs target keyword list
  • One golden rule to remember
  • Pick the keyword to write about
  • Ideas and Inspiration
  • Get started

SEO for blogs begins with getting a target list of keywords

If you work with an agency or SEO specialist they may be able to supply a list for you but let’s assume you don’t. This quick video shows how to use your Google Ads Account to get your list.

This master list will form our hit list for our blogs for the next 12 months at least.

Action: Why not quickly write down the key areas of focus for your business – you can always add more and Google will suggest many relevant ones.

One golden rule to remember when it comes to SEO for blogs

Each page on your website can only have ONE focus keyword.

You can only use a focus keyword once on your website.

So our list is important – it becomes a list of our website’s pages.

Finally do remember that your main product or service pages will probably tick off the big headline keywords for your area.

Above is an example of how you might use your keyword list to create a hit list for your keyword list. In column B I have added the page for each keyword.

Now pick the focus keyword for your next blog

Looking down your list may well provide some surprises – things you thought were popular may not be and vice versa. The aim now is to pick the things that more people are searching for and write an article that captures their interest.

You may have some subjects that you already know are important – things customers often ask are a great start (and can be very useful even if they don’t appear on your SEO target keyword list.)

You may simply pick one of the more popular searches.

The focus keyword for this blog is ‘SEO for blogs’. Note that we have used it:

  1. In the main headline
  2. In the page’s URL
  3. Several times in sub heads and in the body of the article.

In fact it should make up about 2-3% of the article’s words.

SEO for blogs – inspiration and ideas

A plain keyword isn’t that inspiring but do not be alarmed. There are lots more tools to help us build out our blog piece. Before we look at those, remember that for all the online research and tools available, nothing should get in the way of you writing a piece that reflects your attitude, knowledge and feeling for a subject! is a great way to get creative inspiration

This website will, as the title suggests, offer you a load of ideas about what questions people are asking in your sector. It’s free too! (10 questions per day). SEO ideas website used for SEO for Blogs Mindmap for SEO idea offers ideas and great examples

Another useful website that is also free is Once you’ve popped your keyword into the search bar the site will show you possible variations and related keywords as well as the intent of those using the keyword. This can be useful – in the example below we can see the intent is ‘Informational’.

One feature we like is the ability to see which blogs are doing really well for the keyword you are targeting – check out the list at the bottom of the page! page displays helpful information for SEO for Blogs

Now get started

Once you have your focus keyword and you’ve got some ideas from the sites mentioned about which questions you may answer or what your angle or opinion is, you are ready to go.

Be sure to include your keyword or phrase regularly – use it in the headline and subheads now and again and throughout your text. This should all come quite naturally and certainly with practice you’ll soon be enjoying life as an ace SEO writer!

The Ambitions Agency is built on an ethos of training and developing our clients and we offer bespoke training in SEO for blogs writing. Contact us to find out more.

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