A Small Business Website Success Story – CrossFit ISCA.

small business website

How a small business website saved a small business AND you writer’s mental health at the same time!

A small business website can, without being dramatic, be the difference between life and death.  I love my local gym, and when it recently changed hands at a tough time in its history, I wanted to do all I could to help it. (Much as I love to talk about They Ask You Answer and all things content marketing, I also love to talk about CrossFit… the best sport in the world!)

This gym experienced a remarkable turnaround with the launch of a  new small business website. Alongside the typical Ambitions Agency approach of ensuring the SEO was as good as it could be at launch and looking at the complete digital footprint.

There’s no money for digital advertising.

Crossfit ISCA, having recently changed ownership, faced typical small business challenges. The financial ones were increased by a massive rent increase, which put the business in a precarious position. The need for a rapid boost in membership numbers was critical to keeping the gym afloat at a time when an ownership change occurred. There was no money for ongoing SEO or any Paid Advertising. We were going to have to build a small business website that worked hard!

Small Business Website – Key actions:

  • Create a small business website with content optimised for the appropriate keywords.
  • Check and correct any issues with the full digital footprint:
    • Google Business profile optimised
    • Reviews are encouraged and contain the right words
    • Social Media linked up correctly
  •  The client was a very effective social media user, which greatly helped!

Solution: Great website with SEO built-in plus guidance for their wider digital footprint.

The solution was to revitalise Crossfit ISCA’s online presence, centred around a new small business website. The website was built using  WordPress, chosen for its versatility and user-friendliness. Key to this digital rejuvenation was the creation of a perfect digital footprint, integrating the website with a well-organized Google My Business page and a robust social media presence.

This holistic approach ensured that Crossfit ISCA stood out in the digital landscape, which is crucial for any small business website aiming to make a significant impact. The focus was on creating an intuitive, engaging, and informative online hub that reflected the dynamic spirit of Crossfit ISCA.

Meet Chloe, Owner at CrossFit ISCA, Social Media Business owner and happy client!

Results: A steady steam of enquiries and new member sign-ups

Bearing in mind that this business is key to your writer’s mental health, I am delighted to say that we now have a flourishing business! Phew.  The new small business website for Crossfit ISCA has consistently delivered, generating between one and three inquiries per week. But its impact extends beyond just drawing potential members.

The website has streamlined the administration of new memberships and renewals. By linking the site directly to the membership system, Crossfit ISCA has enhanced its operational efficiency, a vital aspect for any small business looking to thrive in a competitive environment.

Get sustainable success for yourself with a small business website and associated digital footprint from us at The Ambitions Agency.

Today, Crossfit ISCA is a testament to the power of a well-executed small business website. While not yet reaping huge profits, the gym has reached a sustainable and positive phase in its business journey. This success story inspires small businesses everywhere, demonstrating how a strategic online presence can turn challenges into opportunities.

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