How to write a Service Page that will grab attention and get conversions

Service Page

A service page describes your service to site visitors and is therefore very important but also very difficult to get right. This article will get you clear on the principles that apply.

Use StoryBrand Principles for maximum success

When it comes to any web copy we think that StoryBrand offers a great model. Their process centres on the concept that your prospect is the hero of the story and you are their guide. 99% of your competition will position themselves as the hero which is dull, boastful and terribly unengaging.

Now is your chance to outshine them.

Let’s begin with a quick recap of the StoryBrand basics:

1: Our Story begins with a character (that’s your prospective client)

Every great story has a character who needs to do something. Imagine for one moment that you were able to enter your prospect’s mind and then define in their exact words, what they were feeling at this moment. How powerful would your sales process be? Unstoppable!

So let’s get as close to that as we can when we write a page on a website. People need to feel heard and if you make them feel this your service page will have strong appeal.

Ask Yourself: What do my prospects really want as far as my business is concerned?

In our business it is quite obvious that nobody ever wakes up wanting a new website. They do wake up wanting a flow of new business though!

2: Define the Problem. Absolutely clearly. Show empathy.

E.g. Do you feel that your website simply isn’t generating as much business as it should?

Ask Yourself: Have you clearly defined the problem your brand solves? 

3: Our Character Meets a Guide (you!)…

Do not  position yourself  as the hero of this story. Your prospect is the hero and you are the guide. This is the vital and KEY PRINCIPLE OF STORYBRAND.

Ask: Are you positioning yourself as the guide?

4: …Who Gives Them a Plan

Help them visualise what their path to success is – or perhaps it is path back to peace of mind. Make it simple – 3 or 4 steps at most.

E.g. 1. Call us Today  2. Our qualified engineer will call and advise  3. Your work will be done quickly and professionally.

Ask Yourself: Do you have a simple plan that makes it easy for your customers to do business with you?

5: And Calls Them to Act

As the guide in your hero’s story, you must tell them clearly what to do if they intend to be successful and achieve a happier state.

Ask Yourself:  Do you have a clear call to action?

6: You Help Them Avoid Failure

As in all the best Hollywood movies, heroes act to save the world, their people etc. from a nasty outcome. People are much more powerfully motivated to avoid disaster than to find success.

Ask yourself: Have you clearly stated what is at stake? What could go wrong if they don’t do the right things?

Service Page Structure Ideas

Main Headline

The Main headline must be a clear statement of how you (the guide) can help our hero (the site visitor). It may do it in a number of ways including:

  • Offer an Aspirational Identity – E.g. Our Cookery Training will make you a pro in the kitchen.
  • Solve a problem I have – E.g. Get rid of unwanted pests in your house today
  • State Precisely what you do – E.g. Homes for Everyone ( charity website)

A question can be a good way to help people identify their need with the one you are explaining.

Page Pitch

The aim here is to make me want to read the page – short, crisp development of the main idea of the page and a clear promise of what the page includes. Two sentences maximum. Define the problem if your headline did not. 

E.G. Discover below how Barney’s bakery will give your child a birthday to remember with organic cakes and the finest entertainers you’ve ever seen.

Client Pain Points & Things That can Go Wrong

Here we lay out the problems that they are facing and also potentially the problems of choosing an inferior solution. If the headline has already done this we can skip this but here’s nothing wrong with re-stating the issues.

E.g. Choosing the wrong plumber could leave you with an unsafe boiler

Benefits of doing this thing well

E.g. Get exactly the right water heater installed and you’ll be guaranteed peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen the best one for you. Lower energy bills and reliable hot water for years to come.

Your solution may include some or all of the following elements:

Introduce your solution and back it up with several points. However don’t force people to read the whole page – there should be a call to action above the fold (near the top) and throughout the page.

A simple guide to getting your solution

StoryBrand recommends a three or four step process which makes it crystal clear how to buy from you.

E.g. Simply fill in the contact form below and one of our advisers will be in touch to set up your consultation. At that meeting you can decide which service level suits and be set up the same day!

Our Credentials

If you have certifications or accreditation then now is the time to mention them and what they mean.

Testimonials & reviews

Our Service is loved by people just like you! Yelp, Google, Facebook all offer reviews that people trust. Make sure you encourage reviews and share them.

Our Process

If your process is not obvious then stating it clearly will be very useful. People fundamentally understand what the outcome of most services is. What varies is what it will be like on the journey. You are the guide so give people a wonderful detailed sense of the journey.

Tools we will use

For some services the tools form part of the story of the solution – don’t forget to share what tools or procedures make your service special and different.

How much does it cost?

This is often met with resistance – afterall, your service is bespoke. People need to get a detailed quote, right? Well sort of. You need to explain the factors that influence cost at least here. Give people a sense of the range. Otherwise you will not appear trustworthy and you may be wasting their time and yours.

Important final note for all service page writers:

Use plenty of video – a short film explaining the service will be much preferred to reading by many site visitors 

Create calls to action throughout the page so that people are totally clear on what is expected of them.

Use graphics where possible – they are engaging and highly informative

Get the ultimate Service Page written for your business

Here at The Ambitions Agency we have everything you need to build your dream website. That includes talented copywriters who will take your notes and turn them into a service page ( home page, any other page) that converts visitors into customers at scale.


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