Secret Website Optimisation Guide (The 3 key meetings to have with your team)

website optimisation guide

Why read this website optimisation guide? 

Have you had these thoughts? 

‘The competition is getting leads or they’re making direct sales from their website.

But not us. We’ve got a great business, and it’s growing through referrals, word-of-mouth, trade shows and exhibitions. All that good stuff.

But what about that nice flow of incoming business from the website? Why don’t we have that?

A business such as ours should be getting a flow of inquiries coming in regularly via the site.’

Article: If it isn’t there are likely 10 critical reasons why.

If all the above is going around in your head, then here are the three meetings you need to get yourself on track.

Website Optimisation Guide: Meeting One –  Boring Technical Stuff.

As a dynamic ‘don’t trouble me with detail’, business leader, this will bore you, but it’s got to be right.

One of the main reasons your website may not be featured as heavily on page one of Google as it should be is it is simply very slow to load, has some bad design flaws that Google doesn’t like, or has some other technical problem.

You’re not going to fix this, but you are going to make sure it gets fixed.

Leader’s preparation for the meeting

Visit Google’s Page Speed Insights and test your site. My experience tells me that if you have a fail, you will likely fail on the site’s load speed. Website load speed is critical though so that’s the first thing to fix.

You are going to task your team to do anything they can to make the website load faster.

Who’s in the meeting?

You don’t want to get sucked into some terrible technical website stuff, BUT you do want everyone to know that it is important.

Get your IT person involved and get marketing involved. If you use an agency or they built the site – then they certainly need to be there. Does your website agency understand Google?

The brief

We need the site to pass Google Page Speed Insights. We don’t need green on every indicator – certainly, getting that on mobile for website speed is tough. But let’s get nice, solid passes across the board.

Desired Outcome

Site passes Google’s test. Simples.

Useful Reading

If you are considering building a new website then here is a guide to preparation for that task

Hubspot have numerous useful resources on website optimisation such as this guide.

Website Optimisation Guide: Meeting 2: Is our website content tedious and self-obsessed?

Answer: Probably.

I’m sorry to say this, but nine out of 10 businesses…no, make that nine point five out of 10 businesses, especially in engineering, manufacturing and professional services, tend to create websites which are dull.

Don’t believe me?

Do this quick test:

  • Go to your company website homepage and count up the number of times you use the company name or the word ‘we’.
  • Now count the number of times you have the word ‘you’.
  • The word you should outnumber the references to your own business by around about five to one. If it doesn’t, you’re going on about yourself too much, and you need to stop doing it.

Leader’s preparation for the meeting

Be clear that your website has these types of pages, each with a distinct set of rules and purpose. A book called ‘Building a StoryBrand’ is a great guide at this point. For your service pages we have this guide.

  1. Homepage
  2. Service pages or product pages
  3. Contact page
  4. About page, team page, mission etc.
  5. Guides, FAQS etc.
  6. A learning centre or content hub.
  7. Pricing (just kidding – only the very best sites have these!

Be clear that in 2024 video rules. Each key page should have a video.

Who’s in the meeting?

This is a marketing job, but I’d advise you to bring in sales too. Salespeople meet your prospective clients every day. They hear the worries and concerns and are likely pretty clear that the website could do more.  If you’re picking a new web design agency at this point, here are 5 web design agency red flags

The Brief

Review the website with an objective, dispassionate eye.

Desired Outcome

Make a decision to improve the content.

Life Hack (how to skip this meeting)

Phone up a good content agency that understands StoryBrand, and They Ask You to Answer and ask for a content review. They’ll a) be objective and b) have experience.

We offer this service for FREE – you’ll get a video in your inbox in 24 hours. Just ask.

Meeting 3: Launch Your Revenue Team

This meeting repeats every 2 to 4 weeks. FOREVER. ( You don’t need to be in it, just the first one)

Leader’s preparation for the meeting

The aim is for your website to become your space’s ultimate trusted voice.  

Every blog or article on your content hub answers people’s actual questions.

Google will spot this and show your content to more people. (more site visitors, each one seeing better content = more sales)

Who’s in the meeting? 

Your business will only grow if you get this meeting right.  This is the meeting in which the people on the front line – your sales, your customer services, engineers whatever – feedback to marketing exactly the questions, the worries, the concerns and the thoughts of all the prospective clients and clients that they meet.

Please do read that again until the significance is clear. 

The Brief (Text for your inspiring speech)

‘Everyone in this room is now on a new team. It is called the revenue team.  If this team does its job correctly, our business will grow consistently and sustainably, and our prospective clients will arrive already warm to us and trusting our judgment on their needs.

So what is your job?

 If you’re in sales or some other frontline role, then I want you to carefully and diligently write down all the questions, concerns and worries that you hear from our prospects every single day.

If you are a content creator, then I want you to write content that addresses those questions and concerns, and I want you to check back with sales or subject matter experts to make sure that that content is useful and educational and not in the least bit salesy.

We have service or product pages that sell it is not the job of the blog to sell. ( although we’ll have a nice strong CTA on each one!)’

Desired Outcome 

You STOP WRITING content such as

  • ‘We won an award’
  • ‘Steve ran a marathon’
  • ‘Our new service is brilliant.’

You START WRITING content such as:

  • Top 5 problems with [something in your industry]
  • The factors that how much you’ll pay for [your service]
  • Best [company like yours] in [ your geography]
  • How to [do a thing that relates to your expertise]

Humble Brag

The ONLY time a blog I created went to page 1 in 3 weeks was when I wrote a blog called ‘ Best Digital Marketing agencies in Devon’ . Was I mad to write it? 

Life Hack (how to skip this meeting)

Get total team buy-in and 100% engagement from the word go by having me deliver a morning session for your Revenue Team. They’ll leave inspired, clear on their roles and excited to start. You’ll leave with a roadmap for the first three months of work. 

Is a content kick-off workshop worth it?

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